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Located at Wildpretmarkt 3 in Vienna’s first district, our showroom is home to the beating heart of ohne butter – a vibrant and pulsating environment, where our furniture collection comes to life in the form of curated exhibitions or photo and film shootings. We are always on the lookout for creative collaborations and love to transform our showroom into a space of inspiration. Nothing is static here.

“1,2,3 …Action!” For ohne butter’s first film project, our showroom became a movie set. The short videos were produced by AdriAlpe Media Filmproduktion, shot by Alexander Püringer and edited by Philip Kerle; starring Sophie Lampl and Julia Kogler.

From November 2021 until December 2021, our showroom transformed into a 1960s time capsule for the exhibition En Vogue curated by Galerie3 and Flux23. Never before seen fashion photographs by Margot Pilz and vibrant paintings as well as art installations by the upcoming artist Violetta Ehnsperg met our furniture collection. Due to its original mid-century modern patina, our showroom offered an exceptional intimacy – away from the white cube.


Photos by Jana Perusich

Our showroom transformed into a stage  for various still life scenes as part of a photo series shot by Katharina Gossow and Leonhard Hilzensauer for the RONDO Magazine in December 2020.


Photos by Katharina Gossow & Leonhard Hilzensauer

As part of the Vienna Design Week 2020, we opened our showroom for the first time and invited the public to Enter the Lab – Anno 50 I 60 I 70, a visual journey to question the influence of furniture design upon human senses. Answers were offered, for example, in a video installation by the artist Silvia Ponce-Marti. By using selected furniture from our collection as “protagonists”, Silvia Ponce-Marti illustrated the relationship between feeling and living. 


Photos by Kollektiv Fischka/Philipp Podesser