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Colorful Murano Glass Sommerso Vase

for Maestri Muranesi, Italy 1960s.


Colourful Murano Glass vase produced by the Italian manufacturer Maestri Vetrai Muranesi in the 1960s. This beautiful vase in the shades of a strong blue, orange and red has a triangle form. The vase was made with sommerso technique, which was developed in Italy in the 1950s and is very famous today. This glass that is overlaid with a thick layer of colorless or other colored glass. The first objects were made in the second half of the 1930s by Carlo Scarpa for the Venini & C. manufactory. He used layers of colorless glass that included bubbles or gold leaf and covered them with a layer of glass two centimeters thick. This technique was taken up by many other manufacturers, which achieved very different results with it.


Manufacturer: Maestri Muranesi

Materials and Techniques: murano glass; hand-crafted

Place of Origin: Italy

Date of Manufacture: 1960s

Period: 1960-1969

Height: 19cm, Width: 10cm, Depth: 10cm

Condition: Good, consistent with age and use. Some signs of wear.

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