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Stackable Bookcase by BBB Bonacina

Italy 1970s

Introducing the BBB Bonacina stackable veneer Wood bookcase with black plastic accents – a contemporary storage marvel!

Discover the perfect blend of form and functionality with the BBB Bonacina Stackable Bookcase, a striking piece of furniture designed to elevate your home decor while providing practical storage solutions.

However, what truly sets this bookcase apart is its innovative stackable feature, which adds a touch of versatility and convenience. On each side of every shelf, black plastic elements have been seamlessly integrated, allowing for easy stacking and creating a visually captivating and cohesive structure. This stacking functionality not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also offers the flexibility to customize the bookcase’s height and adapt it to your evolving needs.

In conclusion, the BBB Bonacina Stackable Veneer Wood Bookcase with Stackable Black Plastic Elements is a functional masterpiece that seamlessly marries form and utility. Embrace the sophistication of veneer wood and the modern flair of black plastic accents, and elevate your home decor with this extraordinary bookcase from BBB Bonacina. It’s time to reimagine your space with a touch of Italian craftsmanship and contemporary finesse.

Materials and Techniques: wood, veneer
Place of Origin: Italy
Date of Manufacture: 1970s
Period: 1970 – 1979

Height: 180 cm, Width: 90 cm, Depth: 30 cm

Condition: In good vintage condition. Wear consistent with age and use.

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